Medium-sized bus is the size slightly smaller than a large bus.
Toll road fee is also set cheaper than a large bus. Please use for sightseeing trips, transfers, etc.
In some areas large bus traffic is prohibited, but Medium-sized bus can also enter.

◆Outline of Vehicle
28 people of passenger capacity
(28 regular seats)
Toll road division:Large-size car
Manufacturer:Hino or Isuzu
Length 8.99m x Height 3.52m x
Width 2.49m
Gross vehicle weight 11800kg
(Some vehicle differences.)

◆Equipment : Refrigerator, Car Pot, Television Karaoke,
DVD Bingo game, and Penetration trunk.

Ideal for small group tours, sightseeing / training trips, luggage club activities and airport transfers.


1 Bus

For small groups of travelers and transfers on a bus with a small turn. Since there is a baggage compartment at the rear, so you can rest assured that you can load your baggage. Please use it for travelling of small group, ceremonial occasions, sports groups, local events, etc.

◆Outline of Vehicle
28 people of passenger capacity
(21 regular seats + 7 auxiliary seats)
Toll road division:Medium-sized car
Length 7.73m x Height 2.64m x
Width 2.01m
Gross vehicle weight 5895kg

 Refrigerator Luggage room



Toyota’s luxury wagons equipped with advanced and comfortable equipment suitable for a luxurious appearance and a high-quality space will provide a refreshing and relaxing space and a fun trip.Please use for VIP transfer, company transfer, sightseeing.

◆Outline of Vehicle
5 people of passenger capacity
(5 seats in the regular inn)
Toll road division:Standard car
Length 5.30m x Height 1.99m x
Width 1.97m
Gross vehicle weight 3210kg